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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Solitary traveler

This one's been long coming from me and now it's here.

I have always wanted to go alone to places which I have not visited and do not know even existed. I wish to start a journey without knowing where to go, which direction to start and when to return. Believe me, I had this wish several years before I watched 'Into the wild'. For me it's a wish and some call it's a curse. I remember this curse from 'The Book of Insults' by Nancy McPhee. I do not remember if I bought this from a local re-seller (guys, you understand, right?!). Where is that curse/wish?

"May you wander over the face of the earth forever, never sleep twice in the same bed, never drink water twice from the same well, and never cross the same river twice in a year."

Tell me, how many of you agree this is a wish and not a curse. No, don't raise your hands...comment it.

Ok, let me start about this journey. I started for Gingee fort in Villupuram district on the night of 27th Nov, reached Thiruvannamalai at early morning 5. From there, I reached Gingee bus stand at around 6 AM, walked till the fort and reached the Krishnagiri fort at  6.30 AM.

You can't expect our Govt. officials to be around so early and I didn't want to wait to climb the fort. There were two paths to climb - one being a little steeper than the other which is the normal climbing path. It was obviously locked and the steeper path was just covered by some pine tree branches. I trespassed by removing them and I started climbing (later realized that it was very worth I took the risk and I will tell you why).

Jack and Jill went up the Hill, oh wait, Jack and Jack alone went up the hill...

For more than 3 hours, I roamed around the fort alone. It was an amazing experience to be alone (I did not even hear a single crow cry) and seeing some great scenery.

This is the pathway to the Krishnagiri fort.

On the way up...



To hide and shoot..

From Krishnagiri fort..








The Mughals ruled too!

I was lying down near that dome, eyes closed and listening to songs. Incidentally the shuffle played 'Undhan desathin kural' from the dubbed tamil version of Swades!

On seeing a little crowd after 11AM, I appreciated my decision to trespass and climb. Satisfied with what I experienced, I climbed down to start for the Rajagiri fort.

The Kalyana mahal which is on the way to the Rajagiri fort.

Visitors are currently not allowed inside the Kalyana mahal ( There was no way to get in too!).




The elephant lake

This is how Rajagiri fort looks like from somewhere near the lake. Things can be intimidating!


A view of the Krishnagiri fort from half-way mark of Rajagiri. Quite some distance to cover on foot, right?!

The Kalyana mahal from half-way mark of Rajagiri.

 There is not much of sight seeing Rajagiri compared to Krishnagiri.

A video captured by a foreigner:

On Krishnagiri fort by him:

I am not sure about his language. Can someone translate?

From Gingee, I went to Thiruvannamalai. I do not believe in idol worship but I participated in the 'car festival' (I believe it is the right term for தேர் திருவிழா).

Then? Life becomes as usual when you return to resume your job. What else?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey all, I want to know how it feels when i am being intoxicated. I am writing this blog after i had one and half beer.

I should tell you guys, how it feels when your in half-mind state.Am I writing this blog? yes I am.No I am not. Which is correct?Think you u should tell me after seeing me in the current state. I am writing. No I am not.

I am not sure whether I am writing in the conscious state or without any grammer or spelling mistake, which I don't usually do. But, yep in this state with your state may bring out your inner feelings or hidden truth when you are with your real friends. I am happy in that way to hide the truth.

Will see you when having the party next time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lord of the Rings (Original London Production) A. R. Rahman, Christopher Nightingale & Värttinä

Guys listen to this album.The music is composed by our thala Rahman.I haven't listened it fully.Until now my picks are The Cat And The Moon,Lothlórien...................

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paranormal Activity

I'm really trying to write something with out any reference to a film or a film personality. But, just couldn't help it.

I wanted to watch this one in the big screen, but it is not being screened anywhere here. I downloaded it from and it was all set up to watch this on a Saturday night all alone. And, I am writing this just after watching the movie.

So, how is it? Does it leave you shivering?

Well, before I say my experiences, let's see the tag-line from the DVD cover:

"'Paranormal activity' is one of the scariest movie of all time. You will be affected as it's hard to ignore the imprint it leaves on your psyche. Nightmares are guaranteed."

Franky, I expected a little more from 'one of the scariest film of all time'. I cannot deny that it was a worthy movie experience but have to admit that it didn't quite live up to my expectation. There have been films which gave me real horror like Eraserhead, Mulholland drive (especially the first restaurant scene) and Cannibal holocaust. No wonder, I respect David Lynch very much.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Babies!

Two of our KPHS members (the H and S actually) celebrated birthdays this week. I take this moment to wish them all success in the coming years.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Did Archimedes suffer Insomnia?

Well, I can't seem to find the answer in web. Not in wikipedia at least.

But, wait, why would I have such a weird thought? No; not exactly a product of my thoughts. One day, sorry, one night, I was trying to find some sleep at around 1 AM. My body wouldn't accept 'Night sleep' after doing night shifts for more than one month or so. So, I finally give up and wanted to watch a movie. I thought I would watch great Nolan's Insomnia to suit the occasion. Unfortunately, the DVD had scratches and wouldn’t read. Ok, what’s next? Darren Aronofsky came for the rescue. I decided watching Pi for the third time.

Only when you watch a movie multiple times, you will notice the unnoticed.

There is character in this movie, who is a very old mathematician (Sol Robeson), whom this young mathematician (Maximillian Cohen) consults. Concerned about Max’s health, he tries to discourage him that he is searching for a dead end. He refers to Archimedes of Syracuse. Here is the exact quote:

“Have you met Archimedes? The one with the black spots, you see? You remember Archimedes of Syracuse, eh? The king asks Archimedes to determine if a present he's received is actually solid gold. Unsolved problem at the time. It tortures the great Greek mathematician for weeks - insomnia haunts him and he twists and turns in his bed for nights on end. Finally, his equally exhausted wife - she's forced to share a bed with this genius - convinces him to take a bath to relax. While he's entering the tub, Archimedes notices the bath water rise. Displacement, a way to determine volume, and that's a way to determine density - weight over volume. And thus, Archimedes solves the problem. He screams "Eureka" and he is so overwhelmed he runs dripping naked through the streets to the king's palace to report his discovery.”

So, did he really? Or, continuous sleepless nights can be considered Insomniac? I don’t know. I'm only schizophrenic!

BTW, watch Pi, if you can. One of the best low budget thrillers you will ever see.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi all, yesterday i have seen two documentaries of Albert Einstein titled Einstein's unfinished symphony and Einstein's equation of life and death.

Einstein's unfinished symphony is his Theory of Everything, which argues that everything in this universe is predictable.If he had finished this theory he would have broke the concepts of quantum mechanics.After watching those documentaries i felt that if this man could live some 20 more years that he could derive some equation and said it as GOD.

And Einstein's equation of life and death is E=mc
2, which can be used for mass destruction or you can use it to provide electricity to entire London with a glass of water.

Einstein is really great!.Back to me what i have to do with physics.Am i a scientist? damn not.These things are really a nightmare for me and that makes me interest in Einstein's stuffs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going by the Stanley Kubrick way!

Ok, I am all set to write my first post in KPHSonline. 

I just came back home from office and I was listening to the songs of Kaadhal Kondein. It kind of kindled my college day memories. Nowadays, I don't really get to remember those things we did back in college. But somehow, listening to this and especially the soundtrack and not just the songs (remember Kaadhal Kondein is one of the very few tamil films where the film's original soundtrack was separately released. Did I buy it, Hell No, you are insulting millions of internet users!) made me remember the way we watched this film after an introductory class by Mr. Vaalarivan on 'C' (wish we had a few more guys like him to teach). Alright, those memories made me to write this post (you see, that's what I am getting at!).

So, what does Stanley Kubrick has to do here? Well, after logging on to the blogger, I was thinking what to write apart from writing that Lotus Notes sucks and my Sennheiser headphone rocks, then I remembered what he said – "If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed". As you can see, this is what most Indian directors do but not in the right way :). Your thinking has to be right, right? Not like our Susi Ganeshan who claims to have directed 'the tamil film of the decade!'. And, I thought, if I can think of something, why can't I write it? Ok, now you know what most bloggers do and I am no different. Reader discretion advised :).

I will continue to write whatever I think. But, I cannot write them all. As Sujatha said, "when a truth is told, it cannot be a 100% truth". And, unless you completely mask your identity you cannot tell everything you thought. Sometime later, I intend to write something anonymous so I can be completely true to my thoughts.