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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can this be called as "kavidhai"?, well I don't know, but I decided not to give up and post something. Let me try to write something in Tamizh. I tried to find the genre of this, but sorry, I couldn't. Just let me know, if somebody finds out.

Guyz, don't be surprised, if I become "kavipuyal" , "kavisuravali",etc........

and yeah, I am "arulmozhi".

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The nightmares of a day dreamer

Can nightmares could still be called 'night'mares even if someone was having a day sleep?

Anyway, unlike the last post, let me try and dig right in to topic and not pluck off surrounding weed. Speaking of the word weed....alright right in to the topic.

I wonder if the second person that researched such deeper in to dreams could be none other than Christopher Nolan? The first being Sigmund Freud. I still remember that guy who felt so dizzy coming right after the film; facing the escalator couldn't figure whether it was moving or not.

I must read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams soon to interpret the dream or rather the nightmare I had.

On one evening, I woke up, cursing the reality that I have to start for office; gathered my spectacles; noticed something unusual about that specs. The shape of the eye pieces looked large and elliptical but was stylish like coolers. Then I moved towards the mirror and look at my face in the mirror. It was sight that gave mixed feelings yet dominated by horror. I didn't see my face. Nor the face of anyone I have ever seen. It was pale with blue eyes and sort of looked like an alien. A few minutes later I woke up (again?) and realized the previous wake up was actually a dream.

I wonder how it would be for a person who cannot differentiate reality with dream. After all, reality is just the dominant and accepted perception induced by our senses and that which is easily comprehensible. The factor which differentiates us from dream and reality is the belief that our senses weren’t listening actively during sleep.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The oscillating cradle

No, this is not the title of a Hollywood film. I guess this is what happens when you start scratching your head for a title for your unnecessarily elaborated, unintentionally boring blog post! 

Also, I wonder if it is good to continue to writing blog as if you're conversing with your reader. Regardless of what the readers (its funny that no more than 4 people read what [whatever?!] I write) feel here, I would continue to write this way. Did you notice that the last sentence was like a mathematical expression? Well, if not, don't blame that moron Ramupillai :) I wonder how many minds are being spoiled by him still. I do feel humble in front of his achievements yet I have a strong disapproval about his way of teaching (or the lack of it!).

Again, my fellow blog writers, the important thing about blog writing is not about thinking about what to write but to write whatever you think!

Enough off the track, why am I talking about the cradle now? Just had a wild thought, as to why a child sleeps when the cradle oscillates? May be our Mr. H can answer soon :) - Let your child know that we were the first to wish him!

There may be a simple scientific reason behind the oscillating cradle stimulating sleep. But, I wonder, when the cradle oscillates, the child kind of loses his balance in way, so his heart should pump a little more blood towards his brain, which obviously must kindle the sense of fear resulting in bringing more consciousness. But on the contrary he stops crying (crying being something a child does when he fears) and goes to sleep. One may think that the sense of body balance and instinctive reactions or reflexes develop as years go by. But even you or me (grown up adults!?)  still feel the same when we are on a oscillating cradle even now. Which is why I won't accept the argument of reflex actions developing when a child grows - at least not for this topic.

All other theories are welcome.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to think BIG!

Everyone says that one needs to think and aim for bigger things. I remember that even Thiruvalluvar stresses on this.

OK, when did we start giving advices on KPHSonline?. Are we telling a success story? No, not yet!

Sometimes, we discuss about starting businesses (obviously everyone gets pissed off on his job sooner or later). On one fine weekend, we were discussing on various business opportunities and there came this idea from none other than our 'notworthliving' (for some reason he doesn't want his real name to be revealed!).

What exactly was the idea? It goes like this - We buy some 1000 acres of land somewhere and do some plantation. Whatever be it you plant (certainly not opium or marihuana), just because all autotrophs consume Carbon-di-oxide and release Oxygen, some world organization gives 3.5 Cr to you, which in turn was collected from CO2 releasing industries. And, you also earn from various offerings from these plantations. Not to mention that you become a *farmer* (like Lalu?!), and earn some punniyam. We decided that our main interest in this business proposal would be none other than our Zameendar Gopal. Can't find anyone else as influential with his people and for obvious reasons on his cattle raising abilities!

There came another thought as to where to find land for this? Roommates suggested buying in Moon. Firstly, isn't the word 'land' is specific only to our planet? Can the surface of moon can also be considered as land? Whatever...

Next question is how will you grow vegetation on Moon? OK, why to bother? I had this new idea. Let's not depend on something which is not available in moon. Why not make use of something which is already available?

What if the *land* you buy in moon happens to contain a BIG crater? Ah, that's where I caught this idea. Where does moon get light from? It is not a star and it cannot produce light on its own. It just reflects the light from Sun, right? What if you could make a BIG parabolic reflector out of these craters? Build a reflector out of these craters by giving them a reflective coat of something such that it can make a BIG beam of light. You can lighten so many areas on earth which fall under the trajectory of the light beam. I can hear you all cry 'What an idea sirji!'. OK, calm down, there is something very important we missed here - what can we do on new moon days? That's the maintenance power outage every month. Anyway, I'm patenting this idea!