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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The oscillating cradle

No, this is not the title of a Hollywood film. I guess this is what happens when you start scratching your head for a title for your unnecessarily elaborated, unintentionally boring blog post! 

Also, I wonder if it is good to continue to writing blog as if you're conversing with your reader. Regardless of what the readers (its funny that no more than 4 people read what [whatever?!] I write) feel here, I would continue to write this way. Did you notice that the last sentence was like a mathematical expression? Well, if not, don't blame that moron Ramupillai :) I wonder how many minds are being spoiled by him still. I do feel humble in front of his achievements yet I have a strong disapproval about his way of teaching (or the lack of it!).

Again, my fellow blog writers, the important thing about blog writing is not about thinking about what to write but to write whatever you think!

Enough off the track, why am I talking about the cradle now? Just had a wild thought, as to why a child sleeps when the cradle oscillates? May be our Mr. H can answer soon :) - Let your child know that we were the first to wish him!

There may be a simple scientific reason behind the oscillating cradle stimulating sleep. But, I wonder, when the cradle oscillates, the child kind of loses his balance in way, so his heart should pump a little more blood towards his brain, which obviously must kindle the sense of fear resulting in bringing more consciousness. But on the contrary he stops crying (crying being something a child does when he fears) and goes to sleep. One may think that the sense of body balance and instinctive reactions or reflexes develop as years go by. But even you or me (grown up adults!?)  still feel the same when we are on a oscillating cradle even now. Which is why I won't accept the argument of reflex actions developing when a child grows - at least not for this topic.

All other theories are welcome.