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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can this be called as "kavidhai"?, well I don't know, but I decided not to give up and post something. Let me try to write something in Tamizh. I tried to find the genre of this, but sorry, I couldn't. Just let me know, if somebody finds out.

Guyz, don't be surprised, if I become "kavipuyal" , "kavisuravali",etc........

and yeah, I am "arulmozhi".

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The nightmares of a day dreamer

Can nightmares could still be called 'night'mares even if someone was having a day sleep?

Anyway, unlike the last post, let me try and dig right in to topic and not pluck off surrounding weed. Speaking of the word weed....alright right in to the topic.

I wonder if the second person that researched such deeper in to dreams could be none other than Christopher Nolan? The first being Sigmund Freud. I still remember that guy who felt so dizzy coming right after the film; facing the escalator couldn't figure whether it was moving or not.

I must read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams soon to interpret the dream or rather the nightmare I had.

On one evening, I woke up, cursing the reality that I have to start for office; gathered my spectacles; noticed something unusual about that specs. The shape of the eye pieces looked large and elliptical but was stylish like coolers. Then I moved towards the mirror and look at my face in the mirror. It was sight that gave mixed feelings yet dominated by horror. I didn't see my face. Nor the face of anyone I have ever seen. It was pale with blue eyes and sort of looked like an alien. A few minutes later I woke up (again?) and realized the previous wake up was actually a dream.

I wonder how it would be for a person who cannot differentiate reality with dream. After all, reality is just the dominant and accepted perception induced by our senses and that which is easily comprehensible. The factor which differentiates us from dream and reality is the belief that our senses weren’t listening actively during sleep.