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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Five facts to learn from Fast Five

I got to know a few important facts from the recent Hollywood flick Fast Five:

1. A pregnant lady can jump roof tops and land hardly without causing any harm to her embroyo. So don't be afraid to try some skydiving with your pregnant lady.

2. A billionaire who supposedly runs a whole country would keep all his money in a safe as hard cash. Feeling bored? Come let us rob some billionaire's safe.

3. You can get a full palm print from a bikini bottom. If your palms open secure safes do not be tempted to touch some hot ass. On a second thought, atleast wear a pair of gloves always.

4. If you are film editor and you want to slow down the pace of the movie between consecutive scenes, introuduce an aerial long shot even if it is unnecessary. Well, 9 out of 10 times, it is unnecessary but it does serve the purpose. It gives a breathing space for a viewer to realize that he has been eating popcorns from the other person who's holding it.

5. A cool dude like Vin Diesel doesn't prefer to wear a shirt even after stealing millions.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some music and some lightning.

Not everyone feels the same way about being alone. Honestly I feel a lot good when I'm left in solitude. It's a preference not a choice. I do not want to bother wondering if it's right or wrong.

Everyone around me is probably (hopefully) sleeping right now (2 am). I'm out there in the balcony of a house in a city both of which are not much known to me. Incidentally my shuffle chose, to begin with, a song in which the night life is expressed in joy. The clouds up there are busy discharging some of their electronic charge in the form of lightning. I look around and wonder if some other nocturnal human life, like me, is up to something in all those (very few houses) whit lights switched on.

The pine trees around are lifeless. Seems it might take quite a bit of wind to shake them up. Suddenly I remember my botany teacher of class sixth that tried to shed some light about gymnosperms. You always remember the weirdest thing about the people you know; doesn't matter good or bad and this person used to warn us that that if we were to see him outside other than school we better get home as fast as we can because he said "as you know that I have access to the biology lab where samples of some dangerous viruses exist, I might very well be spreading them in those places where you see me!". Thus intriguing and society aware most our teachers were and unfortunately still are. I once got to see him in a temple and I was sure he wasn't spreading any such harm, not because I found he had faith in God but because he was with his family.