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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rage and discontent

One of these days you get the feeling that everything in the world is going against you and yet you can do nothing about it. All these years you live up believing that things will eventually change and all you witness is 'live to see another day'. I wish I was the guy Bradley Cooper played in Limitless and have that magic pill. But I say to myself, "Pull yourself together. Life is not fantasy. It is pain". Dreams are the sedatives that help you ease this pain. What you see in the mirror is the image or rather the mirage that you always wanted to see but what others do is a different you; that is in most cases not your imaginative mirage but the real image.

There are vents in human body to excrete unwanted by-products but there is none to spit out rage and frustration.

I'm not an atheist but the next time you pray to God just remember that faith is just one of those sedatives. You will not witness a divine intervention. No other person would be more happier than me if I am proven wrong. I may regret writing this later however at the moment I feel this is the truth.

I am not afraid of a fight but all I want is it to be fair. I may fail terribly but I would be happy that I tried.

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