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Sunday, April 14, 2013

You're not alone machi!

On another one of these indistinguishable days, I returned home and checked my emails. There was an email from my dearest friend and it triggered a series of thoughts, feelings - I felt like a balloon propelled by rocket fuel and like a meteoroid sucked by immense gravity at the same time.

Of those very few distinguishable days in my life, you have featured in many of them dude. KPHS have featured in most of them.

I have met a lot of people so far and life continues to shrink me to a midget, teaching me that I know nothing; but absolutely nobody seem to approach life the way we did back then; absolutely nothing makes me feel like the way I did back then. Whatever we did, we made it our own. Just reminds me of these lines,

Me and some of my friends
We were gonna save the world
We were trying to make it better
We were ready to save the world
But then the weather changed
And the white got stained
And it fell apart
And it breaks my heart

Obviously we weren't trying to change the world but we were not ready to listen to what the world said. And I know that we aren't done yet!

Time and circumstances have separated us but only physically and only for a while. I know we will back.